Expect More Games Like Octopath Traveler Says Square Enix

The success of the RPG game called Octopath Traveler is beyond belief. Globally, this game has received praise and admiration from tons of loving fans since inception in the previous month. Though, the release of this game has become a surprise to many diehard gaming enthusiasts. According to the leadership of Square Enix, more games like Octopath Traveler may storm the industry.

Games like Octopath Traveler

The information of the release of this RPG game emanated from a Japanese conference that took place today. Takashi Mochizuki – a Tokyo-based WSJ reporter helped to spread this information on social media. According to Square Enix, the game has been able to pull enough sales since its inception. Europe and the USA have been the biggest regions where Octopath Traveler-like games trade well.

Square Enix believes that people rush into buying this game due to the amazing features they enjoy. Most old fans like JRPG games that can make them experience the feel of innovation. The game design is another amazing feature that keeps attracting gaming fans. The game comes with new and innovative components. This can be found in the likes of attractive character designs and the HD-2D graphics. This eventually made the franchise to promise fans that more games like Octopath Traveler will reach the industry later in the future.

The publishing franchise has boldly maintained that the game is simply a Switch exclusive. It continued by saying other platforms will be monitored and used for the future release of the game. To a normal gamer, it makes sense to release other future games via many platforms. This is because it will give fans the opportunity to order on their desired platform.

As mentioned above, the success of Octopath Traveler remains a huge surprise to many people. Across the globe, the game is really selling well and successfully. It is important to know that Octopath Traveler remains a section of the niche genre. The outcome of the conference helped to boost the morale of Square Enix in making a huge promise for the future. In most cases, the best way to know the success of a video game is the reaction from fans. Octopath Traveler has been able to gather more clients after release.

The success of Octopath Traveler from Square Enix is due to certain factors. The new features of the game remain a captivating talking point. The gameplay should not be ignored when talking about the success of the game. Attractive characters, the HD-2D art style and other components added to the success of this amazing game.

For average games, Square Enix thinks that the Nintendo Switch remains a great platform to launch. The company has made an honest promise to fans that more games in the order of Octopath Traveler will storm the industry soon. It is evident that if the company received bad reviews, there’s every possibility to stop production. However, the sky is blue for Square Enix, and fans should expect more games similar to Octopath Traveler in the future.

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